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1970 Kawasaki G3TR

My second winter project this year was another Craig’s list find.  While looking for parts for the SL 125 I spotted this ’70 G3TR.  I’m not really sure what caught my interest but when I saw it I had to have it.

It was a another basket case.  The previous owner had started a restore but lost interest in the project.  Lucky for me he was meticulous in keeping the bits and pieces together so reassembly was made much easier.  The cylinder was scored badly so it would need to be bored and I was going to have to locate a .50 over piston and ring set.  Ebay had plenty of options but I thought I would visit the local dealer instead to see what they might have.

Central Sports in Taftville, CT has been in business as long as I can remember.  The shop is currently in an old mill building positioned alongside the Shetucket River.  It has the feel of one of those old time shops that might just have parts for a machine that is close to 40 years old.  Better still, it’s a family run business that understands the sometimes illogical attachment some of us have for these old machines.  Darryl spent the better part of a Saturday morning with me pouring through old microfiche and manuals looking up part numbers, cross referencing and eventually locating the parts I needed.  Service like that is getting harder and harder to find. 

New clutch plates, connecting rod pin and bearing were in stock, believe it or not.  Darryl also located the oversize piston and ring set at another shop and had them shipped to his place.  A couple of weeks later I picked up the newly bored jug and the rest of the bits to complete the reassembly.

The only part that was missing from this bike was the battery cover.  I found one in Thailand (thank you eBay) and also ordered the metal decal that boasted 90/TR on the side.  Many, many hours were spent disassembling, cleaning and reassembling.  In the end, a very cool motorcycle emerged.