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Happiness is …

… a full garage.

“It ran when I took it apart, and yes, I have all the pieces”

That’s the response I received when inquiring about my latest acquisition. 

Me – “Do you remember WHY you took it apart 10 years ago?”

Answer – “No, A buddy of mine took it apart.  We were going to rebuild it and
I never got around to it.  I have ALL the parts and its been sitting in my shed
for the past 10 years.”

These stories are rarely 100 percent accurate.  They may contain a few tidbits
of truth, like the part about “sitting in my shed for 10 years” but beyond that, very
little passes the BS test.

Soon after graduating high school in ’84 I had purchased a PE 175 for a couple hundred
bucks from a buddy I worked with.  The bike was missing the rear wheel because
he had given it to a local bike shop to re-string and couldn’t come up with the money
to get it back.  So, for the price of the rear wheel repair and a case of beer
I had myself a dirt bike.  I rode it for a few years and later sold it to a friend. 

In my quest to find bikes from my motorcycling past this gem caught my attention on

No, not all the parts were there.  Surprise, surprise.  In fact, there were
more parts missing than present.  I offered half what he was asking and he accepted.
This will make a good parts bike.  It has a good cylinder, wheels and lower end.
Now I’ll be scouring the usual places for this bike’s sister.