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Droid app test

Testing out the WordPress app for the Droid.

I’ll grab a pic from the sd card –

Throttle Body Sync on the Strom

The following videos show two different sync tools borrowed from Craig. I had originally synced the throttle bodies on the VStrom with a home-made “U-Tube” filled with transmission fluid. I wanted to try actual carb balancers to see if the homemade tool was indeed accurate.

Syncronizer with steel sliders in a tube

Old school mercury filled tubes

The old mercury filled tool has a longer scale so the extra distance the liquid travels provides better sensitivity than the tool with the steel sliders with a shorter range of travel. Both tools verified my home grown settings. With less than a half inch of difference between cylinders I’m good to go.

Winter Grouchiness

Oscar the GrouchA few of the women in the office have started calling me Oscar.

I’m not sure when this started exactly. It could be my “What’s so good about it?” responses to the morning greeting ritual we are forced to roll play each and every day. Perhaps it was the exception I took to being told “it’s 39 degrees but the feels like temp is 30.

What the hell is feels like supposed to mean? Is that for everyone or just people with thin skin, poor circulation and no jacket? What if I’m standing in the shade? Is there an alternate feels like temp for those that are UV Ray sensitive?


Droid assimilation complete, the Touch stayed home.

Two apps have completed my transition from carrying two devices (the iPod Touch and a cell phone) to having everything I need in the single Motorola Droid.

First, I needed to find something that would allow me to continue to use iTunes to manage the music library and playlists. Salling’s Media Sync does this perfectly. Installed on the PC that is home to the music files and my iTunes account, it hooks directly into iTunes and allows me to plug in the Droid and have it automatically sync selected iTunes playlists, podcasts and pictures.

Next, I needed a podcast manager. I find having to start iTunes, wait for it to update the feeds and then physically connect the device to the PC to transfer the content all a bit tedious. I wanted something that would allow me to schedule automatic feed updates at night so content would be refreshed by the time the daily commute started. Luckily, there’s an app for that (sorry, Apple :-)). I found BeyondPod in the Android Market. Auto downloads and category management are a piece of cake.

So, this morning I left without the Touch.

Let’s try it Clockwise

Ok Flip. We get on I70 and ride until we can’t feel anything from the waist down.
In Kansas we pick up 50 to 160 and follow that until the four corners.
162 –> 163 to Mexican Hat, Monument Valley and finally the South Rim of Grand Canyon.
Leaving the Rim we head North up 89 to Bryce Canyon.
We’ll take 12 –> 24 –> 191 to Moab. Ahhh, Moab.  Are you sure we can’t get knobbies on the FJ?
From there we continue North to the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Beartooth Pass (if it has melted by then). We then begin our slow decent into South Dakota and Mount Rushmore and on to Badlands.

The route home then depends on how much time is left  🙂

Mapsource calculates it to 6,269 miles, Total Time: 5 days 3:18:12 (without detours, food or pee breaks).

Next Installment