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All Thumbs

Instead of the “Japanese standard” single multi-function turn signal switch the BMW uses three separate switches. There is a button near each handgrip plus the “cancel” switch located just above the right turn signal button.  Why the Germans thought this was a good idea I’m not sure.  I can say that it is taking some time to retrain my brain to perform the new operations automatically, without having to pause momentarily and read imaginary flashcards.

Every motorcycle I’ve ever owned, at least the ones that actually came with turn signals, had the single switch on the left.  A one thumb operation.  Take the left thumb and push to the right – or – pull to the left – then push to cancel (with a minor variant of perhaps having to actually center the switch which was, admittedly,  a bit of a pain in the ass).  That system is so deeply ingrained into my neurons and muscle memory that the task is performed without the need of conscious thought.  So deep that I’d sometimes notice my left thumb  twitch ever so slightly against the steering wheel of the car when weather had forced me from two wheels to four.

Thankfully, the brain can be retrained.  I picked up the new (to me) R1200GS seven weeks ago this Friday.  Since that time I have logged a little more than 9,000 miles on it.  The good news is that only occationally am I blowing the horn when making a left turn.  Even better than that, I’ve started turning on the windshield wipers of the car when making a right turn.  That must mean my re-training is near completion.

There is nothing not to love about the chick on the little red scooter