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I can’t feel my thumbs

By ’76 CJ5 standards, ‘Ol Badshape has great heat. The problem is it also has extremely efficient fresh air replacement in the cab. It’s virtually instantaneous. As soon as the heater creates a stream of toe warming 180 degree air it’s instantly replaced by the fresh air from outside. This morning, that fresh air was -1 degrees F.

I’m not complaining, no, not at all. If you are going to drive a rag-top Jeep in January…in the Northeast…you have no right to complain. Besides, complaining doesn’t keep you warm, and if you do it out loud, you’ll probably just fog up the windshield.

So here are my “Cold Weather Jeep Driving Tips” –

1) Take the other car, you know, the one with the less efficient fresh air replacement.

2) If #1 is not an option, dress like you do for the snowmobile. If you’re helmet has the dual layer shield that resists fogging, or better yet, it’s heated, you’re all set. In lieu of the helmet, a balaclava topped off with a stylish wool snowboarder’s hat works beautifully.

3) Whether you opt for the helmet or the striped boarders hat, breath through your nose. This keeps the angle of your condensed breath away from the windshield. It’s the same technique I use on the bike when riding it in cold weather.

4) Take the bike. What the hell, if the roads are dry, why not. With the grip heaters and electric clothing you’ll probably be warmer.