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Spring Raindance

The first IBMC campout of the season once again dodged the New England weather bullet.  The rain came through long after the midnight hour last night when Dave and I left the campfire coals and I hit the therm-a-rest.

Friday afternoon was beautiful and even Saturday, albeit overcast most of the day, was a definite keeper as the temps were in the mid sixties and we actually saw the Sun poke through early afternoon on our way back from the Vanilla Bean Cafe in Pomfret.

We met some new members from St. Mary, Pennsylvania that endured a flat on one bike and an incident with a wayward spare trailer tire on the other bike as they made their way from western PA.  Even after all of that Dave and Cindy were in decent spirits on arrival.

During Saturday night’s cookout Pat rolled in followed shortly thereafter by Phil, still somewhat hobbled by last years crash but under his own power and unaided by any artificial hardware.  A brief shower pushed us all under the canopy momentarily but being a fast mover we were back around the campfire soon thereafter.  New stories were told and old stories were embellished as Dave kept the fire fed.

Last night’s showers waited for all of us to abandon the coals and even stayed away while we all packed up and went our separate ways.

Campout at Northwoodsbike!