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Hatfield McCoy – West Virginia

We got a late morning start on Saturday and began our trek to “Trails Heaven” – the Hatfield McCoy off road riding area located in southern West Virginia.  Loaded with three bikes and gear we only needed to get as far as Hagerstown Maryland that night.  It was the maiden Voyage for the trailer and it pulled like a dream.  The truck probably thought different as the gas mileage plummeted from a typically disappointing 16-17 mpg during normal use to 12-13 mpg range dragging the trailer.  The good news is the price of a gallon of gas dropped from a high in New York of $4.49 to $3.28 in Pennsylvania.

We left the hotel Sunday morning and had an uneventful journey to Ashland ATV Resort in Ashland, West Virginia.  We followed their site instructions to find them as they strongly suggested.  “Road”s in this area can be nothing more than what we call a fire road at home, dirt/gravel and barely a car wide.  Throw in some 180 degree switchbacks and you have county road 50/1 – a time-saving cut across the mountain we discovered when trying to find the quickest way to town.  NOT a road I’d want to attempt with a trailer regardless of what Google Maps says.   At least the truck looks the part now.

The campground is a bit of an oasis in an otherwise depressing area.  The homes and buildings are in various states of dilapidation.  Many look abandoned, even some of the businesses that are open.  The people are friendly and helpful but certainly not in any rush.

It rained most of Sunday but stopped long enough for us to unload the bikes and gear and get setup inside the cabin.  The amenities are good yet basic.  We have a small fridge, microwave, air conditioner and a small flat screen TV mounted on the wall.  Our fridge came stocked with a six-pack of beer. Probably not standard operating procedure, but appreciated nonetheless.

Shortly after unloading the sky opened back up and rinsed everything.

We waited out the storm on the porch and when the rain subsided we geared up and headed out for our first run.  The campground is located in the middle of the Indian Ridge trail system.  You enter the trails right at the end of the driveway.  Indian Ridge has connector trails to the Pocahontas system to the Southeast and the Pinnacle Creek system to the Northwest.

Soon after entering the trails the rain started again. Not a light shower, a steady downpour.  None of us cared due to our eagerness to get out there.  Unfortunately my bike started acting up about five miles out.  It got to point that I had to keep the choke on to keep it running.  We turned around and I nursed it back to the campground.

So, we travel 750 miles to ride and my bike wont run.  Sweet.  The evening was spent online scouring the area for motorcycle service locations and dealerships.  I needed to line up every option possible to try and salvage this week of riding.


Next installment – Success, then failure

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  1. Jen

    So the six-pack in the fridge… Welcome gift for the Yankees, or purhaps just left over from the last guys?

    August 21, 2013 at 11:03 am

  2. Michelob Ultra… probably left by the previous occupants.

    …now had been some Magic Hat, I would have been thoroughly impressed. 🙂

    August 21, 2013 at 9:47 pm

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