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Clockwise 2010

The first two weeks of June, 2010 I headed out for a “Utah Loop” that would take me clockwise across the country following a southern route out and northern route back. Highlights included an all-nighter where I rode for 34 hours straight, a short stay with some friends in Helper, Utah, some freezing temps in Yellowstone and an amazing thunderstorm in the Badlands.

2010 – Take 1

Let’s try it Clockwise

This may be the final rev.

Getting Going Already

This stuff will be put to the test.

Sunday – The rodent gets a talking to.

Monday and Tuesday – It’s All The Same To Me

Wednesday – Gunnison to Moab via Grand Junction

Thursday – The Loop

Notom Road and the Waterpocket Fold

Friday – Al Leads the Way

Saturday – Northbound

Now this is a Big Sky

Well, at least it’s not snowing


Sunday, Monday – Growing Gills

Tuesday – Eastbound to the Sun

Wednesday – Black Hills to Badlands

Thursday – South Dakota Has a Tail?

Friday – 350 miles to Ramsey, and a cold beer

Saturday – Blinders On

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